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I enjoy sharing new work on Instagram, get inspired on Pinterest and show new pieces of jewelry on my Facebook page.
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hello maria is where my creative endeavors come together in a blog, where I share ideas, show creative work across all media I work in and on all levels of perfection, be it projects that are still in development or finished pieces.


My indígena Etsy Shop

A small collection of my indígena jewelry can be found in my Etsy Shop. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and hand made by me in my Munich studio. Visit the shop to see more.


Vintage Love

I love collecting vintage treasures! In my apartment and in my Etsy Shop and my second Instagram account @vintagemitsahne, where you can follow my latest discoveries, see found treasures, etc. With a knack for mid-century Scandinavian dishes, 50s shapes and patterns, I enjoy surrounding myself with well-designed pieces and the occasional funky fun stuff that reminds me of my childhood. If you like something you see here, you may well be lucky that I am out of space to keep any more vintage finds in my apartment!